Examples of our work in the area of Climate Change Mitigation.

Advice on Business Growth

On behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the Izzat Marji Group in Amman, Jordan. The company is serving the market of housing projects - commercial buildings and retailers as a one stop shop provider for heating, air conditioning, sanitary, plumbing materials, as well as fixing systems and power tools.

The focus of the advisory service was regarding the company’s process to establish a new department for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency solutions.

Business advisory

Energy Concepts for Long Term Council Community Plans

Energy concept for the long-term council community plans.


  • Structure of the energy use, energy sectors and energy sources.
  • Primary energy input, overall energy efficiency factor and air pollution.
  • Potential of energy savings in the private sector and traffic.
  • Potential of feasible renewable energy sources.
  • Potential of the energy efficiency improvements in public facilities.

Energy Concept. Feasibility study on the energy efficiency improvement of public buildings

Technology Transfer

German Energy Efficiency and Renewable Export Initiative to New Zealand. Carried out by the New Zealand German Business Association.

Objectives: Market analysis including New Zealand’s conditions, systems and strategies. Business network and one-on-one meetings.

Market analysis for the energy efficiency and renewable energy potential in New Zealand. Business network. One-on one meetings