Some examples of ITES work in Energy Efficient Buildings.

Outdoor Pool, Germany

Renovation and alteration the existing outdoor pool 1,000 m2 Water surface.

  • Water treatment plant.
  • Service for heating and electricity via co-generation.
  • Electrical service.
  • Hot water supply.
  • Sanitary.

Feasibility study on heating service. Concept design. Detailed building service design.

Culture Centre, Germany

German-French culture and conference centre.

  • Improvement of energy efficiency.

    Energy audit, feasibility study for selected energy saving measures, concept design, construction design.

    Gross Floor area 5,500 m2. Indoor pool 300 m2.

    •Building management system (BMS).
    •Improvement of the air conditioning for indoor pool.

Concept development. Building service design. Project management.

Ecology Conference Centre, Germany

Renovation and alteration of a farm facility.

  • District heating with wood pellet burner.

    Building management system.

    Well-water use for toilet flushing.

    Biogas plant using dung.

    Central air conditioning for  conference facility with ground heat exchangers for air pre-heating and pre-cooling.

Feasibility study on heating and biogas system. Concept development. Building service design. Project management.