Some examples of ITES work in Energy Efficient Buildings.

School & Administration & Swimming Pool

Renovation,alteration and new building

  • Heating.
  • Electrical.
  • Hot water supply.
  • Sanitary.

Feasibility study. Concept design. Detailed building service design. Project management

Private Home

Renovation and alterations and new buildings

  • Heating
  • Sanitary.
  • Electrical.
  • Insulation
  • Renewable energy solar, heat pump

Advice, Design, Project Management.

Hotel & Conference & Training Centre

Renovations and alteration.

  • District heating with wooden pellets.Underfloor and wall heating.
  • Air conditioning with heat recovery.
  • Refrigeration with heat recovery.
  • Heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water. Heat source air, ground or waste heat.
  • Insulation.
  • Building management system.
  • Rain & Well-water use.
  • Renewable energy solar, biogas, small hydro power.
  • Using the ground as heat source or sink for air pre-heating and pre-cooling.

Feasibility Study. Design, Project Management.