energy efficient buildings

Advisory Packages for Energy Efficient Buildings

  • The advisory packages are affordable & independent to order.
  • Packages are priced at a fixed cost per m2 gross floor area.
  • Each advice package includes the concept design, preliminary design, and developed design.

We also offer construction design and the total modelling of large buildings as additional services.

The thermal envelope

A cool and damp indoor climate causes stress on our immune system and the building structure.

The risks might be diseases like asthma the growth of mold and water damages of the structure known in leaky homes. The thermal envelope like a shell reduces unwanted outside heat or cold coming in and creates a healthy stable internal building climate through appropriate insulation, moisture and ventilation management.

Our “Thermal Envelope" service includes a professional inspection of your building plans to ensure a healthy and dry construction and low heating and cooling demand.

Optimize your heating & cooling

We spend most of our living and working time indoors. Incorrect heating mechanisms often result in overheated or cool rooms and creating for example air circulation with high humidity which causes pain on our skin, lungs and headaches.

Optimizing your heating and cooling will thus not only reduce your costs, but it will also benefit the health of everyone in the building.

Our “Optimize your heating & cooling” service includes a professional inspection of your building or building plans and to create a healthier indoor environment.

Optimize your water consumption

The domestic water for indoor and outdoor household use, can be overly costly or potentially a health hazard.

Optimizing your water consumption should reduce your monthly water bill but also involves considering protection against dirt, infections or diseases originating from the inappropriate provision.

Our “Optimize your Water Consumption” service includes a professional inspection of your building or building plans to ensure the optimal use of hot and cold water.

Implement renewable energy

Energy can be sourced through renewable and sustainable sources with zero carbon impact on our climate.

The renewable sources include using the direct sun rays, geothermal heat, wind, tides, water, and various forms of biomass.

We advise you on the best choice from the large variety of technology available to use renewable energy in your building. Our “Implement renewable energy“ service includes a professional inspection of your building or building plans and advice on how best to use renewable and low carbon energy resources.

This also includes considering the financial benefits and suggesting appropriate government grants available to finance the use of renewable energy.