energy management

Energy management is a continuing process - a journey - to achieve and sustain the objectives and targets of your energy policy.

The keys of this process are feedback loops that monitor progresses, illuminate problems and multiply successes.

Our advisory service focuses on:

Energy Survey
To understand your energy use in single facilities or across the whole supply chains and to identify improvements.
Design & Implementation
To prepare and implement your improvements.
Measurement & Verification
To illuminate what has been achieved and multiply your success.

Energy Survey

We are accredited to conduct energy audits in terms of the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3598:2014, Energy Audits.

We conduct three types of energy surveys.

Energy Assessment

Energy Assessment is a site “walk-through”. The assessment is to identify areas of saving opportunities as a start off for further detailed investigations.

The result are estimated improvements with an accuracy range of +/-30%.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is a “whole site investigation” which requires monitoring your energy use. The energy audit is a start off for a continuing process to achieve and sustain the objectives and targets of your energy policy.

The results are shown with an accuracy of +/-20%.

Detailed Energy Audit

Detailed Energy Audit is a “specific project investigation” e.g. on process heating. This audit often is undertaken to quantify and report the energy consumption before and after the implementation of energy -saving measures.

The results are shown with an accuracy of +/- 10%.

Design & Implementation

Energy efficiency improvements need either to be incorporated into your existing operating system or need to be an integral part of the design process of your new facilities.

Design process

We advise on the design of energy-efficient HVAC -, Refrigeration-, Renewable- and Water services. We compile capital expenditure "capex" and no - capex projects on the outcome of the energy survey and list them in a priority list regarding their financial benefits. Our feasibility studies include life cycle analysis and multi-ccriteria analysis.


  • We evaluate proposals from qualified suppliers.
  • We supervise detailed engineering design and construction.
  • We organise staff awareness and training programmes.

Measurement & Verification

In accordance to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol IPMVP

Energy -saving measures will reduce your energy bill and your greenhouse gas emissions. The basis of a successful project relies on accurate measurement & verification of your energy use before and after the implementation. The objectives of our services are to provide a credible and transparent process to quantify your success.

We measure and verify your energy use through a pre-implementation and post-implementation monitoring process.

The result will show your total energy savings, cost savings and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.