energy efficient buildings

Globally 40% of carbon emissions come from building construction and operation.
Large potential of reduction is in retrofitting the existing buildings.
Our advisory focuses on the building envelop, heating and cooling demand, water consumption,
and the utilisation of renewable energy resources.

The building envelope

A cool and damp indoor climate causes stress on our immune system and on the building structure.
The risks might be diseases like asthma the growth of mold and water damages of the building structure known in leaky homes.
Appropriate insulation, moisture, and ventilation management will maintain a healthy indoor climate.

Optimise your heating & cooling demand

We spend most of our living and working time indoors.
Overheated or cold rooms causing pain on our skin, lungs, and headaches.
Our advisory focuses on heating and cooling demand
to create a healthy indoor environment. 

Optimise your water consumption

The domestic water use can be overly costly.
We advise on how to reduce your water use.

Use renewable energy sources

Renewable energy is the source with zero carbon impact on our climate.
Such as solar, geothermal heat, wind, tides, and various forms of biomass.
We will help you to select the right technology for your specific demand.