energy management

Energy management is the integrated process to achieve and sustain the objectives and targets of your energy policy.
The keys are feedback loops that monitor progresses, illuminate problems, and multiply successes.
Our engineering service includes:

Energy Survey
To understand your energy use in single facilities or across the whole supply chain.

Design & Implementation
To implement energy-saving measures.

Measurement & Verification
To illuminate your success.

Energy Survey

Energy Survey

We are an accredited energy auditor to conduct energy site surveys in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3598:2014.
We conduct three types of energy surveys.

Energy Assessment

Energy Assessment is a site “walk-through” to identify areas of saving opportunities.
This provides the start off for further detailed investigations.
The result is shown with an accuracy range of +/-30%.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is a “whole site investigation” of your energy use.
The energy audit is the start off for an integrated process to implement energy-saving measures.
The result is shown with an accuracy of +/-20%.

Detailed Energy Audit

Detailed Energy Audit is a “specific project investigation” to quantify and report the energy consumption before and after the implementation of an energy-saving measure
The result is shown with an accuracy of +/- 10%.

Design & Implementation

The implementation of energy-saving measures needs to follow a professional design process

Design process

We advise on the design of multi-technical services. Our feasibility study will compile the capital expenditure "capex” including life cycle analysis and multi-criteria analysis.


We supervise the detailed engineering design and evaluate proposals from qualified suppliers.

Measurement & Verification

Energy-saving measures are supposed to reduce your energy bill and your carbon emissions.
The basis of a successful project relies on the accurate measurement & verification of your energy use before and after the implementation.

Our service provides a credible, independent, and transparent method to quantify your success.
The result will show your total energy savings, cost savings, and the reduction of carbon emission.